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Isabella Gamk

for Toronto
I will not be another photo-op Mayor
It's time for one of us
Demand better. Get involved.
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April 19th, 2023

Isabella in the news

Isabella's activism has helped shine a spotlight on the mistreatment that ODSP recipients face at the hands of every level of government. You can read more about her work here, or easily find articles about her by searching her name on Google.

April 3rd, 2023

Campaign Launch

Isabella's campaign launch included her announcement video. Scroll down to watch the video!

Key campaign planks include:

  • A total revamp of ODSP to make the shelter allowance based on average market rent, by postal code or similar metric to account for different rental prices

  • Demand ODSP Basic Needs Allowance be doubled immediately

  • Demand OW Shelter Allowance be increased by 150%

  • Delivering real solutions to the housing affordability crisis

April 3rd, 2023

Meet Isabella

My name is Isabella Gamk and I am a disabled transwoman and the founder of POOF Protecting ODSP OW Funding. I have 2 emotional support Chihuahuas, Sparkle and Glisten and although I can walk a bit I mostly use an electric wheelchair for quality of life purposes and so that I can participate in programs and in-person meetings and do protests, etc. I like music and used to love to dance. I also love to create art and write poetry. I am an Activist and Advocate who fights against Poverty and Homelessness. I started POOF Protecting ODSP OW Funding on September 15th, 2018 to specifically demand that ODSP and OW Benefits be doubled or increased by 100%. Since then our demands have changed a few times.

I am a long-time resident of Toronto and currently on ODSP Benefits and live in the Broadview Ave and Danforth Ave area in a Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation building. I was born in Scarborough General Hospital and have lived in many areas of Toronto over the years. I do have a drivers license but now prefer to use the TTC since I can no longer afford to drive a vehicle.

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